Monthly Archives: June 2016

An aeroplane had landed!

This week the children were very surprised when there was an aeroplane in the classroom! The classroom had been rearranged into an aeroplane shape and the children worked either on the wings, along the main passenger aisles or in the cockpit. It was very exciting!

Photo 10

Photo 11

The children were very busy on the aeroplane. They made lots of aeroplanes out of paper, stickle bricks and play dough. They wrote boarding passes and passports. The children also wrote some amazing sentences and stories about Brum at the Airport. Their writing is phenomenal!

As the indoor aeroplane was for working in we also built an aeroplane outside. The children enjoyed being the pilot, the co-pilot, passengers and the air stewards. The children remembered lots of information given to them in Language for Thinking and they used lots of appropriate and technical language in their role play scenarios. We can’t wait for our trip to Birmingham Airport next week!

Traffic Survey

Photo 6 (2)

Photo 3 (4)

This week the children undertook a traffic survey of the different types of vehicles that use Druids Heath road. The children really enjoyed the traffic survey and they loved being waved and hooted at. The children thought it was hilarious when they saw friends and relatives in cars or on the buses whilst they were carrying out their survey. The children recorded their traffic survey using tallies and they discovered that cars and buses were the most popular vehicles along Druids Heath road. The children were delighted when an aeroplane flew over as well!

Wings, Wheels and Other Things

This week we began our final topic. Boo hoo!! We kicked off our topic by learning about road transport. In our language for thinking session we thought about how we travel to school. We compiled a pictogram and discussed how many children travelled to school by car, by bus, by bicycle, by walking etc. Using our pictograms can you work out the most popular form of transport the Swans use to travel to school?

Photo 14

Photo 16

Having then discussed other vehicles that travel on the road we were going to do a traffic survey of Druids Heath road. Unfortunately the torrential rain this week has meant this activity has had to be postponed. Undeterred by the weather the children set to work in the classroom. They have been very busy making their own road vehicles. The children chose the resources themselves, they evaluated each other’s vehicles and they made design improvements. The children’s vehicles were very imaginative and well made!

We have also used vehicles to help us solve addition and subtraction calculations, we have found out the answers to one more and one less vehicle on the road and we have ordered cars in a parking lot from 1-20.

We have also written lots of super sentences about vehicles, we have read and sorted real and nonsense words on cars and we have practised our tricky words on the interactive game ‘Tricky Word Trucks.’ We have also labelled vehicles and we have written labels and sentences for the vehicles that we have drawn and made. What a busy week!