Monthly Archives: May 2016

The life cycle of a ladybird

We have also been learning about the life cycle of a ladybird.


We acted out the lifecycle of a ladybird. We curled up in a ball for the egg. We lay on our backs and did spiky moves for the larva stage. We lay on our sides and pretended to be asleep for the pupa stage and we flew around the room for the emergence of a ladybird. We really enjoyed acting out this life cycle!




This week we have also been learning about Spiders. We have read the stories ‘Aaaaaaargh Spider’ and ‘The very busy spider.’ The children have enjoyed learning about spiders. They are very knowledgeable. They have been using the language of arachnids, arachnophobia, spinneret, abdomen and pedipalps. They have loved making their own spiders and webs but they have enjoyed even more scouring the outdoor area for real spiders and webs! Some children have also written their own versions of ‘The very busy spider.’ Another very busy week in Reception!





This week the children have been looking after their caterpillars. They have grown so much! They are so much longer and fatter. We can’t wait until they change into a cocoon. We have written rules about how to care for caterpillars. Don’t forget to pop in and take a look at the caterpillars. Remember to follow our rules as well!

The children have also been making the lifecycle of a butterfly. The children have selected their own resources and thought carefully about their choice of colour and materials. The children have been very creative.