Monthly Archives: April 2016

Buying fruit ingredients



This week we have been learning why fruit is good for us. We have read the story ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad’ and we have been busy weighing fruit, working out one more and one less piece of fruit as well as writing about our favourite fruits. In Language for Thinking the children have thought about what fruit dishes they would like to make. The children went to Sainsburys to buy all of the ingredients. The yellow family group decided to make a banana cake and the red family group decided to make a fruit salad like Oliver. The dishes were absolutely delicious and the children had several helpings of each!



Back in the classroom each family group made a vegetable dish. We hoped that Goldilocks would like our vegetable dishes. Red family group cooked bubble and squeak and yellow family group cooked a vegetable pasta bake! Both dishes were delicious. However Goldilocks didn’t like the dishes so we thought we had better disguise the vegetables in another dish so we made her vegetables and ice cream. Goldilocks thought this was delicious!