Monthly Archives: March 2016

British Values Week


This week, as part of British Values Week, the children discussed the importance of having rules and laws. We thought about why we need rules, where we have rules and who enforces rules. The children then thought about which rules we should have in the classroom. These are our classroom rules.

Sports Relief


The Reception children ran the mile twice today as they had an important job to do. They looked after and ran with the morning Nursery children and the afternoon Nursery children. Swans are now extremely fit! Alexi told Mrs Hill that she was far too slow!

Budding Artists


This week the children learnt to colour mix. They were given the primary colours and white. The children were very skilled at mixing colours to make new colours. Their observation skills were amazing too. They looked at the turnips very carefully and they painted some beautiful turnips.

Turnip Soup


The children have been learning about ‘The Enormous Turnip’ this week as part of their Measures topic. We thought it would be a good idea to make turnip soup, just like in the story. However, our turnip soup was soon eaten by the children and there was certainly not enough for breakfast, lunch and dinner!