Monthly Archives: February 2016

Who’s the tallest in Swans class?


We have also measured ourselves using non-standard measures! Some of us chose to use the giant Duplo bricks, some of us used the milk crates, some of us used our blue construction bricks and some of us used string. We have been learning to use the language of short, shorter, shortest and tall, taller, tallest. Can you work out how tall we are? Who is the tallest? Who is the shortest?

Measuring in non-standard measures


This week we have been busy measuring everything in sight using non-standard measures! In the forest we have ordered sticks according to length and inside we have ordered worms and beanstalks according to length. We have been learning to use the language short, shorter, shortest and long, longer, longest. Can you point to the longest stick or the shortest worm? Can you point to a beanstalk that is shorter than the longest beanstalk?

Keeping safe on the internet

As part of our internet safety week the children have been thinking about how to keep safe on the internet. The children watched a video about going places safely and they listened and discussed a story called Penguinpig. The children learnt that:

• You must always ask an adult before going on the internet (Nyeema)
• You must only talk to people we know online (Esmay)
• You must only go on websites that are right for you (Kai)

Space Treat from Bob


The children’s surprise this week from Bob, the astronaut, was to go inside a planetarium. The children thought it was brilliant. They learnt all about the planets and star constellations. It was really fun to listen to the story about how the ‘Big Bear’ and the ‘Little Bear’ constellations got their name.

The children, in class this week, have also been developing their creative skills and they were brilliant at making their own space air tanks!