Monthly Archives: January 2016

Maths Week

This week the children have been learning about Maths. Maths has been everywhere in our classroom. We have played with amounts of money in the sand, we have painted repeating patterns in the creative area and we have made shape pictures on the light table. We have made 2D shapes with lollipop sticks and geostrips, and we have made shapes on geoboards. We have sequenced numbers to 10, 20 and 30 and we have estimated how many cotton reels and Lego bricks were in a jar. We have solved addition calculations and we have made numbers and amounts out of play dough.

We have also been a solveosaurus this week because we had to find different ways of making 10 using Numicon frames and we had to find different combinations of dominoes to park in our domino car park. These problems were tricky to solve but with perseverance and learning through trial and error, as well as applying what we already know about numbers, we were able to solve these problems.

DSCF2620 DSCF2618

Old and New

This week the children have been looking at old and new toys. They have been comparing old and new toys looking at similarities and differences. The children were amazed at how old some of the teddy bears and dolls were. Can you identify which toys are new and which are old? Why do you think they are old? Why do you think they are new?

The children have also been busy making new bears, making new boats, drawing the toys they play with now and the toys they played with in the past. The children have listened to the stories of ‘Threadbear’ and ‘Nothing’ and they have drawn these bears when they were old bears and then the children have used their imagination to think about what the bears may have looked like when they were new.

Texture Hunt


In our Muddy Monday session this week the children went on a texture treasure hunt. They found lots of different things in our forest. Some things felt bumpy, some were smooth, some were prickly, some were soft and some were rough to touch. We have saved our treasures and next week we are going to sort them into groups of natural materials according to our own criteria.

Toys and Games

This week we have been learning about toys through the story ‘Kipper’s Toy Box.’ We discovered that there was a hole in our toy box. Sock Thing was missing! The children looked high and low but Sock Thing could not be found so some of the children made some lost posters and displayed them around the classroom.

The children have had lots of fun playing with different toys in the classroom. The doll’s house, the garage and our Boxing Day role play proved to be popular activities and the children used some fantastic imaginative language. The children have also begun to make their own toys out of recyclable materials.

The children have made some trains, a frozen cup, a stereo, a bike, a Minnie Mouse and an Elsa doll. Which toy do you like best and why?