Monthly Archives: June 2015

Swans visit Birmingham Airport


On Thursday 25th June the Swans went to Birmingham Airport. The children were very well behaved and they thoroughly enjoyed seeing Birmingham International train station, riding the monorail and visiting the Flight School. The children were very excited as they witnessed aeroplanes landing and taking off and they drew some lovely observational drawings.

In the main terminal the children took part in an ‘I Spy’ session and they were extremely good at finding all the main features of an airport such as the check in desks, the arrival and departure boards, the suitcase conveyor belts, escalators, flight steps etc. They even saw some flight attendants and pilots. The outside viewing area enabled the children to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the aeroplanes.

The children had a lovely time but they were very tired at the end of the day!




This week we have been learning all about aeroplanes. The children have been working very hard. They have found one more and one less than a number on an aeroplane, they have wrote their passports and they have sorted vehicles according to whether or not they travel in the air, on the road or in the sea. The children wrote some lovely sentences too!

The children have made aeroplanes out of Lego and they have investigated how to make paper aeroplanes fly well. One thing we found out was how important it was to avoid sticking too much onto the planes as it made our planes very heavy! When they were heavy they plummeted to the ground very quickly.

In the outdoor classroom the children built an aeroplane. It was great fun pretending to be the pilot, the co-pilot, the flight attendants and the passengers. We were amazed at the imaginative and the technical language that the children used in their play.



Back in the classroom we have been working hard to make a vehicle that moves. We have discussed the importance of wheels being fixed to a movable axel and some of our vehicles had windows, doors, headlights, flashing lights and even sirens. Most of our vehicles actually moved. We have been very creative with our work and we have written labels for our vehicles.

Traffic Survey


This week we have been learning all about vehicles. We have discussed how we travel to school each day and we discovered that most children either come to school by bus, by car or they walk. We then talked about other vehicles that travel along the roads. We decided to go outside and take a look. We sat on the grassy bank and we did a traffic survey for fifteen minutes. It was amazing to see how busy Druids Heath Lane was. We recorded the number of different vehicles we saw using tally marks. We really enjoyed our traffic survey. Lots of people beeped their horns and waved at us!

Making our milkshakes


Back in the classroom the children made blueberry milkshake, strawberry milkshake, cherry milkshake and banana milkshake. The children were very impressed when Mrs Hill did a blind milkshake taste and correctly guessed all four flavours. The children particularly liked the strawberry and the banana milkshakes. They were yummy.

Oliver’s Milkshake


Last week was our final shopping trip to Sainsburys. The children travelled on the number 49 bus to the shops and they brought the milk and the fruit that was needed to make some delicious milkshakes. A big thank you to our parent volunteers for helping the trips to Sainsburys run so smoothly.