Monthly Archives: May 2015

Oliver’s Fruit Salad


This week we have been reading ‘Oliver’s Fruit Salad.’ We have been weighing fruit, painting fruit, adding fruit and subtracting fruit. We have been writing instructions, making collaged fruit salads and we have made fruit kebabs out of plasticine. We have also been on a trip to Sainsbury’s and we brought a wide selection of fruit.

Back in the classroom we all worked together to make our own fruit salad. It was hard work chopping up all the fruit but the fruit salad tasted lovely.

Evie said, “It was the best fruit salad in the world!”

Thanks to Mrs Bruce, the company Kingfisher Midlands kindly gave the Swans some fish to taste. The children were amazed at the size of real cod!

We cooked the fish in the oven and the children really enjoyed tasting the cod fillets. ‘It was delicious,” said Lexi.

Animal Man

On Friday 15th May the children had a visit from the Animal Man. The children saw a barn owl, a silver fox, an albino skunk, a python and a chameleon. The children sat and listened beautifully and they asked lots of lovely questions. The children were also given the opportunity to hold some of the animals. The children were extremely brave!!

Butterfly Release


We were very pleased this week when we discovered that our caterpillars were emerging from their cocoons into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies. It was very exciting. The children loved watching the butterflies flutter around their enclosure and they looked after them by carefully feeding them fresh fruit. On Friday it was time to set them free. It was an amazing experience. The butterflies sat on Mrs Hill’s hand for a few minutes then they flew up high into the sky and were free!

Trip to Sainsbury’s


We are currently learning all about healthy eating. Goldilocks doesn’t like to eat her greens so the children thought it would be a good idea to cook her some delicious food using vegetables. The children used the internet to find a recipe. They then wrote down the ingredients, went on the bus to Sainsbury’s, brought the ingredients, scanned and paid for the food themselves and then back in the classroom they cooked the food and ate it!

The red family group cooked vegetable pasta bake and the yellow family group cooked carrot and potato soup. Both dishes were delicious!

Caterpillar watch!

We have been watching our caterpillars avidly this week and to our delight they changed into cocoons. It was amazing to watch. They are now dangling from the lid of the pot. Occasionally they wobble to warn off predators! On Friday we are going to transfer the cocoons into our butterfly net. We can’t wait for the next stage in the caterpillar’s life cycle! Pop down to Reception and see the change for yourself.



We went on a woodland walk on Tuesday on the lookout for some ladybirds to put into our ladybird visualizer. However, Chandler found something even more exciting. He found some ladybird eggs! We are hoping we can watch them hatch into Larva .






Our caterpillars arrived at the beginning of the week. They were so small on Monday. We have been pleasantly surprised with how hungry our caterpillars have been. They have eaten lots of their special food and they are now enormous! Soon they will have a cocoon wrapped around themselves. We can’t wait!



This week we have been learning all about ladybirds. We have learnt that ladybirds are beetles. They are insects. They have six legs and two antennae. They can have up to 20 spots and they like to eat aphids. We tested Mrs Butterworth’s knowledge on minibeasts by writing minibeast riddles. Mrs Butterworth was very good at solving our riddles although we did manage to trick her a couple of times!