Monthly Archives: October 2014

Our trip to Pizza Express!

On Tuesday 21st October the Swans went to Pizza Express to learn more about our sense of taste.
We began by talking about the different toppings that go on a pizza. Some of the toppings looked very strange.


We put on our hats and aprons to keep ourselves clean and we followed all the rules of Pizza Express to keep ourselves safe. We were allowed to make our own pizzas.


We were all given a pizza base.


We put on tomato puree.

We then added our cheese. We had to be careful not to add too much otherwise our pizza would become soggy when it was cooking.

We then added some herbs and olive oil.


Our finished pizzas looked yummy!


Our pizzas were then cooked in a large oven.

Our pizzas were then packed into pizza boxes for us to take home for dinner. They smelt delicious. We can’t wait to eat them!


What a week!

On our Muddy Monday session we made troll faces. We enjoyed working in the rain and getting muddy. Do our trolls look scary?

In maths we made our own pretend pizzas and we counted the toppings.

We have also made salt dough pizzas. We are looking forward to painting them next week.

We loved the story ‘The Little Red Hen makes a pizza.’ We made our own red hens. Aren’t they lovely?

‚ÄčOur favourite part of the week was making our own pizzas.
Jainaba said ‘ it was the most beautiful pizza ever!’

We also investigated marshmallows. We used all of our senses to describe a marshmallow. We then made marshmallow snowmen. They were delicious.

The Swans class and the troll!

On Muddy Monday we made smelly cocktails. We used these to make the troll go to sleep so we could cross the bridge safely.




In PE we are following a programme called Write Dance. It helps us to develop our gross and fine motor skills. Here we are performing the ‘Volcano’ dance on paper.





This week we tried to make string telephones to see if we could hear our friend’s conversations. It was very difficult!


We have played ‘barrier games’ with musical instruments. We had to listen very carefully!



We have also learnt how to soundproof our bridges so the troll doesn’t hear us cross.


We are now beginning to recognise our phonemes and read words.




Listening challenges

This week we have been learning about the importance of our ears. We have read the Three Billy Goats Gruff story and the goats left us lots of listening challenges throughout the week.

We have made our own musical instruments. We have learnt how to play them differently for each goat that went trip trapping across the bridge. We also wrote labels for our bridges.

We have loved building new bridges for the goats to use so they can get to the lush, green grass and avoid being eaten by the troll! We have also enjoyed acting out the story.

At one point we thought the troll was coming after us!


This week we have begun to spell CVC words independently and we are enjoying accessing the snack table by ourselves.

We are still enjoying going to the opticians and having our eyes checked!