Monthly Archives: June 2014

Blue brick boat!

The children made a fantastic boat with our big blue bricks… ship ahoy!!!

Oscar and Kyle had a wonderful time fishing in our rock pool.

We had some super entries for the “Design a World Cup” competition. Who will be our winner?

In the afternoon we had a lovely treat of ice lollies!!!

World Cup football mascots

This afternoon the children worked on designing a football mascot for “World Cup Week”.

In Numeracy today we have been looking at number order. We played a game where we split into teams. The group were given an instruction e.g. “put 4 bears on number 12”. The team that followed the instruction the quickest got a point. After the game the children completed a creepy crawly caterpillar with missing numbers.

Making doughnuts

In Reception Class today, the children have enjoyed playing outside with our beach role play tray.

Watch this space for our new role play areas of “Under the Sea” and our “Seaside Shop”. Mrs Murphy has made some jellyfish from Chinese lanterns for the “Under the Sea” role play.

We have been making doughnuts and rock out of salt dough for our seaside shop and we are looking forward to “Hooking a duck” and Fishing in our rock pool.

‘Frozen’ role play

A lot of children in Reception Class like the ‘Frozen’ film. The children have been singing the songs in class so Mrs Murphy decided to make a ‘Frozen’ small world role play board for them to play with. They had an ice castle and lots of blue and silver sparkly ice cubes and glass beads to play with. They thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our collages of a nurse, firefighter and a police officer!

Today we have finished off our collages of a nurse, a firefighter and police officer and they look fabulous stood up in our classroom.

Reception Class did their first spellings test and we are pleased to say that all the children tried really hard and did really well. The children in the group photograph got full marks! Well done from Mrs Franklin, Mrs Green and Mrs Murphy. We are proud of you all.

Collage policeman and nurse

In Numeracy today we made a tally chart and a pictogram of our favourite pets (in relation to our vets role play and topic on “People who help us”. The dogs were the most popular and the budgies the least popular.

Alfie said about the pictogram. “The pets names need to go across the bottom”.
Ishmael could read the tally chart and say which animal was the most popular.

In the afternoon we continued with our collage policeman and nurse.

Phonics progress

Reception children have had another lovely day. They all worked extremely hard in Phonics and we can certainly see lots of progress.

We have been making rhyming word “zigzag animals”.
The children could think of words that rhymed with cat, dog and ted and enjoyed working their way through the alphabet using the different letters to make real and pretend words.

In the afternoon they used the sandpit as a stage and had lots of musical instruments outside and played along and danced to the CD player. We have some future musicians in our class!!!