Monthly Archives: May 2014

Playing different musical instruments

In music we have been talking about how we use different instruments. Some we had to bang, some we had to shake and some we had to pluck. The children loved playing their favourite song “Twinkle Twinkle Chocolate Bar” and had a good go at our phonics song “A,B,C,D…..”.

Well done Reception class, what good little musicians you are!!

Talking to the nurse

Today Dillon’s Mum came into class to talk to the children about being a nurse. The children were very polite and asked her some good questions.

Dillon’s Mum showed the children lots of bandages, plasters and other pieces of first aid material and even bandaged Joshua Fyfe’s arm!! She brought all of the children a torch that nurses use to check patients eyes and ears. They thought it was great and made her a lovely thank you card.

The children enjoyed playing in the police car that they had painted with Mrs Murphy and are looking forward to the completion of the ambulance next.

Adding up money variations

In Numeracy we are continuing to work on ‘money’ with the children adding up variations of 1p, 2p, 5p and 10p coins.

We have been painting boxes to construct a police car/ambulance for our outside role play area. Stage two starts tomorrow with adding more colours and decals. The children can’t wait to put it together and sit and play in it.

Dressing up and role play

We have been having lots of fun on our topic of “People who help us” dressing up as and role playing as police, nurses and doctors.

Oscar said “Im escaping from jail on my bike”.
Isabella said “This is my Nanny’s x ray she has broken her hand”.
Kyle said “Im arresting Joshua Buller”.

Paris, Kyle, Ellesse and Luke had lots of fun finger printing each other.

In Numeracy we have been looking at money and recognising the different coins values. We are starting to add up the coins which is very tricky!!!

People who help us theme continues

The people who help us theme is still as popular as ever. The children in Reception class are getting really good at being Police Officers and Nurses or Doctors. They are enjoying learning about different professions. We will be having a visit from a real Nurse who will be explaining what her job entails to the children next week. Mrs Franklin is in the process of arranging a visit by the Police too!

It’s lovely to see the children working together in the sunshine to create an amazing machine. Well done girls.

Helpful people!

Reception children are thoroughly enjoying finding out about “People Who Help Us”.

We have created a Hospital role play indoors and have a Police Station outdoors. The children have been learning how to fill out incident forms and to write medical notes.