Monthly Archives: March 2014

Living eggs arrive

Today we have taken delivery of our eggs for hatching into chicks and the children are very excited. They are due to start hatching on Wednesday. Parents please feel free to come in at the end of the day and have a look.

During PE the children had lots of fun dancing, flapping their wings, scratching and pecking like a chick.

The lifecycle of a Butterfly

This week we are looking at ‘The lifecycle of a Butterfly’.

The children are making their own lifecycle book and are in the process of making egg box caterpillars and clothes peg butterflies.

We have been reading ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’ and the children have enjoyed acting out the story. Our caterpillar and butterfly were excellent actors.

Just to update you our frog spawn is rapidly turning into tadpoles.

Lifecycle of a frog

This week Reception Class have been having fun looking at the lifecycle of a frog. The children have been busy watching our frog spawn turn into tadpoles and are now anxiously awaiting their next development.

We have made some lovely information books on a frogs lifecycle and have been hopping on and adding up on our large Lily pad number lines.


Building a Book

We had lots of fun searching for information about stick insects and plants for our pages in the School Book. Ruby was very brave and held one of our biggest stick insects. It didn’t want to sit still!! It tried to run up Ruby’s arm!!

Look what we are trying to hatch now!! Watch this space to see what happens next!!