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This week we started our topic on Space. Miss Jones has set up a space rocket with a moon for the children to roleplay in. They have been dressing up as astronauts and flying their rocket to the moon and then looking for moon rocks.

Children have been making their own rockets on the creation station.

We have read the story ‘Aliens love underpants’ about aliens that like to fly to earth and get up to mischief with earthlings underpants! As part of the discovery time activities children have been designing their own aliens, making patterns on underpants and playing a phonics game called Obb and Bob on the IWB.

The aliens also sent us a letter asking for our help. They have dropped some magnetic parts from their space ship and need them back, so the children have been sorting magnetic and nonmagnetic items on the tuft spot at the investigation station.

Making rockets

Back in the classroom the children decided that they wanted to make rockets. Most of the children made rockets using our recyclable materials. These children chose their resources appropriately and they thought carefully about how they could add windows, doors and flames to their rockets.

Other children decided to make rockets using the Tap Tap. They used hammers and nails with good control and coordination. They had to persevere to make the tap tap shapes fit together properly to make a rocket shape.

Some children decided to make rockets using 2D shapes. Again this activity required the children to persevere as it was quite tricky to make the rocket shapes.

Planetarium visit

The children thoroughly enjoyed their visit to the planetarium. They learnt all about how the big bear constellation appeared in the sky, as well as more facts about each of the planets in our solar system. It was truly a magical experience and all the children couldn’t stop talking about it in class afterwards.

Sparkle, the Scout Elf

This week something very exciting happened in the Swans classroom. We had a visitor. It was a scout elf. She had been sent by Father Christmas to hide in our classroom each day and watch over events.

The scout elf told us that once everyone leaves the classroom at the end of the school day, she will fly back to the North Pole to report to Father Christmas the activities, good and bad, that have taken place throughout the day. She told the children that before they return the next morning, the scout elf will fly back from the North Pole and hide again in the classroom.

The children named their elf ‘Sparkle.’ Once Sparkle had been named she received her special Christmas magic, which allowed her to fly to and from the North Pole.

However, the children were told that the scout elf’s magic would disappear if the scout elf was touched. Although the children were told not to touch Sparkle, their scout elf, a couple of children couldn’t resist! This meant that Sparkle did not have enough magic to fly back to the North Pole. Trying to fly she crashed into lots of things in the classroom and made an almighty mess!

The children decided to make a bed for Sparkle to rest in and they decided to write her some messages in order to get her magic powers back.

The children left their messages in the classroom by Sparkle. Luckily the next day we found Sparkle in a new hiding place in the classroom. She had received her magic back and was flying fit once again! This time Father Christmas had given her a mobile phone so that she could text him messages about the activities, good and bad, that have taken place throughout the day. We are hopeful that we are on Father Christmas’ good list. We hope he comes to visit us on Christmas day!

Video: Our e-Safety song

The children have been learning about e-Safety this week as part of our anti-bullying week of activities. The children have been learning about how to keep safe online. The children now know that if they see an unfamiliar pop up, receive an unkind message online or load a website that is not suitable for them to be playing on then they must tell an adult. Listen to our song which reminds us what to do!

Pizza Express


On Thursday we really enjoyed visiting Pizza Express. It was a very exciting day. The children pretended to be chefs and wore special aprons and hats. It was so much fun making the pizza bases and adding the toppings. The chefs at Pizza Express thought that the children were extremely well behaved and they also commented on how well the children listened and followed instructions. The children took the pizzas home for tea and they really enjoyed eating them. Some children even shared their pizzas with their family!

Guide dog Bonnie

Our highlight of the week was a visit from Karen and her guide dog Bonnie.

Karen explained to the children that Bonnie was a guide dog and through discussions the children learnt how important guide dogs are to people who are partially sighted or blind. The children learnt how guide dogs are trained and how they help people with sight loss get out of their homes and engage with their community, rebuilding their confidence and independence. Thank you Karen! We all loved Bonnie!

Minibeast Hunt



This week the children have been on a minibeast hunt. The children explored the forest floor and found lots of interesting minibeasts. They very carefully collected and examined the minibeasts and they were very observant. They were able to look at the similarities and differences between the minibeasts as well. We found spiders, beetles, centipedes, millipedes, slugs, snails, woodlice and ants.