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In music this week Swans have been practicing how to keep the tempo and beat in a song. It was very difficult as there was so much to hear in ‘ The Big Bear Funk’ song. The children had to clap and tap their knees to the beat and keep it going throughout the whole of the song, it was very tiring but they did amazing and kept it going through out.
The children then played a game of identify the instrument by the sound. They had to close their eyes and listen carefully. They then got to perform ‘Big Bear Funk themselves in front of their friends.
Swans have continued with their Plant topic this week, they have bee very busy indeed.
In Language for Thinking on Friday the children re-capped all of the things that they have learnt over the last 2 weeks.
They have learnt all about the life cycle of a plant and have been able to show their knowledge write  by sequencing the life cycle independently on the fine motor skills table.
On the busy table, they have been using their senses to investigate how a plant grows, touching, feeling and smelling the parts of the plant, soil and seeds.
Khaleel “The soil has a funny smell.”
Ari-Ray “The seeds are smooth.”
Sureyah “The leaves are tickly to touch and the roots look like spaghetti.”
Using laptops the children have designed their own flower vase, they have used different shapes, colours and patterns to do this.
Enjoy the holidays Swans, stay safe and we all look forward to seeing you when we return.


Swans have started a new topic this week – all about plants.
In our Talk for Writing lessons, Swans have learnt about and identified different parts of the plant: roots, stem, leaves, flower and petals. They have learnt that, like humans, plants need food and water to grow and survive along with sunshine.
In Discovery Time the children have all had a chance to investigate how a plant grows from a seed.  They have used their hands to feel and find all the different parts of the plant and independently identified the parts.
They have shown their artistic skills with some very beautiful still life drawings of flowers in a vase. They have also played matching games on the maths table where they have matched the correct amount of plants to the  number on the pots.
On the writing table Swans have been using their phonics to write some amazing sentences about flowers.
Some of the children have helped Miss Potter with weeding and planting new strawberry plants in our strawberry patch. We are looking forward to tasting the strawberries once they grow. They have now been set the task of looking after the patch each day and will be taking it in turns to water and weed it.
Swans have been amazing in maths this week learning their numbers up to 20. They have learnt what the numbers look like, can write them correctly and can identify one below and one above which can be very tricky but they have not given up and can to this confidently now. Well done Swans!

Road to Paris

This week Bells Farm children were invited to discover all about The Paralympics.
We were lucky enough to have some sports coaches from Aspire come in and show the children different types of sporting activities that can be found in the Paralympics.
Swans got to learn all about wheelchair racing and wheelchair basketball. They were shown how the wheelchairs work and a few of the children were lucky enough to experience trying to navigate the wheel chair.
They played blind football and learnt how to use their hearing senses by having a bell in the ball which had to listen out for. They also tried Boccia, boxing and long jump where they worked with a partner who guided them.
The children all thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
 ‘It was the best ‘ Carter
‘ It was really hard but I didn’t give up!’   Yoel
‘ The Paralympians are really brave to do this’  Jasmine.
‘ I really enjoyed having a go in the wheelchair even though it was really hard to move around in it’ Ayla

More Transport!

Because there is so much to learn about transport, Reception spent another week on this topic. From learning about environments where specific vehicles are used, to creating a car wash. Our discovery time allows the children to learn and apply their learning at their own pace.

Within our classroom there are 4 relevant topic areas: 

Table 1 is a writing table. The children must apply what they’ve learnt in phonics and write sentences about what transport they can see. This ensures they are using capital letters and full stops correctly. 

Table 2 is a maths table. Children place different vehicles to the number and trace the number they’ve counted. This ensures they are showing that they know the correct place value. 

Table 3 is a labelling activity. Children label where the vehicle belongs. For example, the purpose of the vehicle (submarine functions in water).

Table 4 is a creative activity. Children are given an outline of a car, bus, or plane. They paint the vehicles any colour they want. They really enjoyed doing this! 

Our outdoor area is an extension of our indoor area, so the topic focus remains the same. 

We had templates of vehicles for students to colour and construction games so they could build different vehicles. 

The children loved making a car wash, they cleaned all the scooters and bikes. It was great to see that they really enjoyed being physically involved with this activity. This sparked their interest to also build a bus out of the blue construction blocks. 

Transport Museum

This week we had an amazing time at the transport museum. We explored the museum first which had a collection of old buses and electric vehicles. The staff at the museum showed us pictures and told us some of the history about the vehicles that we were going to see. The oldest bus was 112 years old and the children got the chance to go on it and pose for a photo. We also got to go on a 45 minute bus ride round the local area in a classic bus, a fun way to experience the past.
We also sat on the oldest fire engine and rang the bell, then we went to see the old battery electric milk floats.
There was also much excitement when the children and staff went for a ride on the miniature railway. We got our tickets to board the train and off we went.
What a great day!

Naughty Bus by Jan and Jerry Oke

The Naughty Bus tells the adventures of the little red London bus. The words are spoken by the bus, but it’s the child’s imagination, and the photos that show us what is happening. The children listened attentively to the story, then looked at the photographs and discussed the adventures of the naughty bus.
Who gave the present and who was receiving it?
“It’s his dad” said Carter
“It might be his grandad” said Gwen
Why did he get a present?
“It might be his birthday” said Tommie
“Or it could be a Christmas present” said Lucy
How did the people feel when the Naught Bus drove pass them at the bus stop?
“Angry” said Charlie
“Upset” said Harry.
We also used adjectives to describe some of the photos, which the children were really good at. Well done Swans!


The children in Swans class have started a new topic this week: Transport. We have been very busy learning all sorts of facts and information about our new topic.
At the beginning of the week the children were asked what different types of transport that they knew, who would use them and where and why we use them? They have applied their knowledge of transport to different subjects and tasks throughout the week in class.
They have used their counting skills to play I Spy and identify how many of each of the types of transport they can see.
Phonics and reading:
The children have been using their phonics to help write sentences about the different types of transport and in ERIC they have been sharing books with their partners all about transport and stories about vehicles.
As a special treat, the Swans were invited to visit the Transport Museum in Wythall on Thursday where they had the most amazing day! The children got to see and learn all about different types of transport from the past.
They went on a journey on an old fashioned double decker bus, had a ride on a miniature steam train and  sat on a fire engine and rang the bell. Miss Coghlan, Mrs Sargant and some of the children also got to dress up as milkmaids. All the children said it was ‘the best day ever.’

3D Shapes

This week our Swans have being learning all about 3D shapes. We learned the names of some of them: cube, cuboid, sphere, cone and square base pyramid. The children  were able to choose the correct shape from a variety of shapes when asked. They also recognised the difference between a 2D shape (being flat)and 3D shapes (being solid).
We have explored the properties of 3D shapes and learned that they; have faces (flat surface), edges (where 2 faces meet) and vertices/corners (Where the edges meet).
The children worked with their talk partners to complete an activity where they matched pictures of everyday items to the correct 3D shape. They were excellent at completing this activity.
Well done Swans!

Why Talk Pants?

Today Miss Coghlan discussed with the children using the PANTS program to help children understand their body belongs to them, and that they understand that it’s safe to tell an adult they trust if anything makes them feel upset or worried.
PANTS  helps children understand that they can say NO and if they need to speak about something, there is ALWAYS an adult to listen.
The children were all able to share with the class the adults that they can trust:
their  parents, their teachers, Miss Williams, Miss Johnson, Miss Hackett and Mr. Ball .
We listened to the Pantosaurus song which the children really enjoyed listening too and were still singing  it after the lesson. You can watch and sing this together at home!
They were also told the phone number that they can ring if they need too. 0800 1111