Healthy eating activities

We have been learning about healthy eating and how we can keep ourselves healthy. This week we have been concentrating on fruit. We started off the week by reading Handa’s Surprise in our Language for thinking session. We had different fruits to look at in the investigation station, did some fruit printing, counted fruit, weighed fruit, sorted fruit and found cvc words written on fruit around the room.

Next week a group of 10 children will be going to Sainsbury’s to buy some fruit so we can make fruit kebabs. The next group of 10 children will be shopping for vegetables so we can make vegetable soup. The final group of 10 children will also shop for healthy food to make a healthy recipe with so watch this space!

Lets get physical…

This week we had the balance bikes outside as part of our healthy eating topic. We had to work hard at keeping our balance and used our legs to make the bike move forwards. We also had to think about being safe and cooperate with each other as we moved around the playground. We wore helmets to keep our heads safe in case we fell off and followed a bike path all going in the same direction.

World book day

On Thursday we celebrated World book day by dressing up as our favourite book character. We had a character parade, took part in helicopter stories and because Ms Andrews, Mrs Parton and Miss Jones were dressed up as the characters from the Cat in the Hat we also participated in activities related to this book.

Muddy Monday activities

This week the aliens left us a letter to say that they’d flown by our school and accidentally dropped some items off their space ship into the forest school. They really wanted the items back and needed our help!

They asked the children to hunt for magnetic items that would stick to their planet. Armed with magnets, children went off to search for things that were magnetic. They found quite a few things in and around the school environment. The items were left in the playground for the aliens to collect!