Environmental sounds

On Monday we went for a sound walk in the forest school. We could hear birds chirping, cars and motor bikes passing by, children laughing, a siren, the wind blowing and the leaves rustling underneath our feet. Then we found some sticks and went around the forest school finding different sounds we could make using the sticks on different surfaces.

Video: Our sense of hearing…

This week we have been looking at our sense of hearing. We looked at the book Polar Bear, Polar Bear what do you hear? as our starting point. Children brainstormed their ideas on what makes a sound and other sounds we might hear. We covered our ears and tried to imagine what it would be like if we couldn’t hear.

Children have made shakers using different fillings and listened to the different sounds they make.

We have created quiet and loud sounds, investigated what different things sound like, drawn to music, used paint brushes with bells on and following the text type of the story Polar bear, Polar bear we created our own animals and the sounds they might make for the story.

Eye spy with my little eye…

This week we began our theme of the five senses with a focus on sight. We used the book Brown bear, Brown bear what do you see? as an introduction during our language for thinking sessions. Children have been using their eyes to see colours, shapes, sizes, numbers, quantities, letters and words through the week at discovery time, our phonics stop and maths sessions.

Making glasses with stickle bricks.

Experimenting with paint and mixing colours.

Having their eyes tested in the roleplay opticians.

Other activities included balancing bouncy eyeballs on to golf tees at the funky fingers table, drawing eyes, making bear patterns, being blindfolded and making the characters from the story with the play dough.

During the week we have also been talking about anti bullying week in circle time. We enjoyed dressing up for Pudsey Bear Day.