Blasting off to space 10, 9, 8, 7…

We have been continuing on with our space theme this week and children have really enjoyed using the space themed role play area.

We pretended we had landed on a different planet during our Muddy Monday session and explored the area. The children pretended to find aliens and went looking for planet sticks that they described as being covered in shiny dust and were hot to touch. The children were great imagindocuses.

During discovery time some of the children went outside to explore the area and look for changes. They pretended they had landed on a different planet. The ground was icy and children found chunks of ice covering various surfaces. The blue construction bricks were stuck together and had to be prised apart.

Children have been making aliens at the creation station, rockets using shapes at the maths table, space themed writing and patterns on underpants.


This week we started our topic on Space. Miss Jones has set up a space rocket with a moon for the children to roleplay in. They have been dressing up as astronauts and flying their rocket to the moon and then looking for moon rocks.

Children have been making their own rockets on the creation station.

We have read the story ‘Aliens love underpants’ about aliens that like to fly to earth and get up to mischief with earthlings underpants! As part of the discovery time activities children have been designing their own aliens, making patterns on underpants and playing a phonics game called Obb and Bob on the IWB.

The aliens also sent us a letter asking for our help. They have dropped some magnetic parts from their space ship and need them back, so the children have been sorting magnetic and nonmagnetic items on the tuft spot at the investigation station.

Muddy Monday Money!

During our Muddy Monday session this week we were very busy. Firstly the children looked at the 1p, 5p and 10p coins and discussed the colour, shape and the pictures on them. Then each child took a coin and had to find something in nature to match the value of the coin they had. Most children went to collect sticks to match the value of their coin.

Then we played a game linked to our maths lessons this week. We split the class into their colour groups and they had to race the other groups to be the first to finish. This required them to work together cooperatively which links to PSED.

We placed three hoops on the ground for each team. This represented our part, part, whole model. Then a number of children from 2 to 5 were chosen to stand in the whole circle. When Ms Andrews blew the whistle the children had to separate themselves into the two part circles. Once the children were split we said a number sentence to match. For example; there were 5 children in the whole circle and they split so there were 2 children in one part circle and 3 in the other part circle. Their number sentence was 3 add 2 more makes 5. The children had fun racing each other!