Mini Beasts

This week during our Muddy Monday session we went exploring for mini beasts in their natural habitat. We were very fortunate to find lots of different kinds hiding under logs, on leaves, in the wooded area. We found slugs, caterpillars, woodlice, ladybirds, earwigs, worms and spiders amongst others. We found it fascinating to watch them move around in their homes.

Back in the classroom we had the story of the ‘Very Hungry caterpillar’ Miss Jones made props to use with the story which we were allowed to use in the small world area.

We tried to move around like the hungry caterpillar as he went in search of food.

Some of the activities that were out this week included making caterpillars or butterflies with the playdough.

Putting the days of the week in order and writing about butterflies.

Counting out the correct body parts of a caterpillar to match the number shown at the funky finger table.

Used paint to print caterpillar pictures.

We also linked our maths to our topic too. We created symmetrical patterns and used butterflies to create doubles.

We have had a very busy week!

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