Mini Beasts – Ladybirds

This week we began a topic on mini beasts. We started off the week by finding out what we already knew about insects, creepy crawlies and other mini beasts. Children pretended to be scientists and investigated a pretend mini beast habitat using magnifying glasses to look more closely at the mini beasts. They were encouraged to record their findings.

Our focus insect for this week was the lady bird and we read the story ‘The Very Grouchy Ladybug’ by Eric Carle. The spots on a ladybird lend themselves to math activities such as counting, doubling and halving. Most children were quick to pick up the language and use it while participating in various math activities set up around the room and in our direct teaching math sessions too.

Our art work also reflected our theme this week.

We carried the theme on outside too and encouraged to children to develop their throwing skills by using the bean bags and tossing them into the ladybird target.

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