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Video: Our Bodies

This week we have been looking at our bodies. We started the week by labelling the body and thinking about how different body parts moved.

We sang the song ‘I’ve got a body’ as we twisted, pulled, pushed, crouched, crawled, clapped, stamped, hopped and jumped. We did an assault course where we had to balance, jump, hop, turn and crawl. We also danced to different styles of music moving slowly or quickly.

During our maths lessons we continued to think about our bodies and how tall they are. Each colour group got themselves into height order and discussed whether someone was either taller or shorter. We were able to find out who the shortest and tallest children were in our groups too. Then we went outside and put the groups together and put the whole class into height order.

Then we used non-standard measurement items like pegs, cubes and sticks to measure ourselves. We took it in turns with our partners to lie on the floor and be measured. Then we discussed our findings. We also took different lengths of ribbon and found things around the classroom that were the same length as our ribbon.

During Discovery Time we continued to practice putting things into size order and look for items the same size as sticks and ribbons.

We have been writing our name daily and making up stories on the large scale storymakers board.


This week as part of our topic ‘All About Me’ we have been looking at pets. We created a bar graph of the pets we have and thought about how we look after our pets in our language for thinking sessions.

In the investigation station we were very lucky to have some stick insects to observe in their natural habitat thanks to Mrs Dainter in year 5.

We also painted pictures of our pets at the art table and pretended to be pets in the role play area.

The water tray became a fish bowl and we had pet counting activities on the maths table.

Germs and Hygiene!!

This week we have been looking at germs and hygiene. We began the week by telling the story of the little princess who didn’t like washing her hands in our language for thinking sessions. We discussed who the characters were in the story and why certain characters kept telling the princess to wash her hands. We discussed the importance of clean hands and how germs can spread. We demonstrated the spread of a sneeze by using a water pistol. The children then had the opportunity to pretend to sneeze using the water pistols in the water tray.

During our language for thinking sessions we used glitter on our hands as germs and watched as they spread when we shook hands. We also learnt how to wash our hands properly using soap and water. The children have been involved in lots of activities during discovery time linked to our topic.


During discovery time children are able to practice their mathematical skills such as counting, recognising and matching numbers, shape and measurement through a range of open-ended activities which change regularly.

The outside area also gives children an opportunity to practice their mathematics. Here the boys have made a bowling alley. They were counting the skittles as they fell and estimating how far the ball would roll. They were also practicing their cooperation and turn taking skills.

Learning Journal workshop

On Thursday afternoon there was a learning journal workshop held in the Reception classroom for parents to come along to and learn all about the electronic learning journal. This is how we share information with parents about their child’s learning. The parents that attended are now set up to receive their child’s learning journal when it is sent.

Muddy Monday

This week the Swans class went to the forest classroom and participated in Muddy Monday for the first time. They were very excited as they practiced their independence skills putting on their waterproofs and wellington boots.
We started the session sitting in a circle on the logs and going through the expected behaviour while in the forest classroom.

Then the children had the opportunity to explore the classroom and encouraged to find lots of different things.
The children had lots of fun.

All About Me

This week we have been continuing on with our topic ‘All About Me’. We started off by looking at ourselves now and painted self-portraits. We created faces with loose parts, on the smartboard and in the playdough.

We looked at photos that children bought in of themselves as babies and discussed how they had changed and things they could do now that they couldn’t do as babies. Then the children created a time line placing their photos in order which are now displayed in the classroom.