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Sport Relief

On Wednesday afternoon the swans went out onto the field to take part in sport Relief. We had to match the sport word to the sport picture. We even acted out the different sports and went for a run around the edge of the field which was in keeping with our keeping healthy topic!

Shopping at Sainsbury’s for fruit…

As part of our Healthy Eating Topic, on Tuesday, a group of 10 swans from Reception went via mini bus to Sainsbury’s. Each pair had a shopping list and some money so they could buy some fruit ready to make fruit kebabs back at school. They walked around the store looking at different isles to find healthy and unhealthy foods. There was lots of good discussion. Children also looked at the different prices of things and recognised the £ and pence sign. Once they had found the items on their shopping list they used their money to pay for the goods at the self-serve check out.

Shopping at Sainsbury’s for vegetables…

On Wednesday the 2nd group of 10 children went to Sainsbury’s. They were buying vegetables ready to make vegetable soup once back at school. Once they had finished their shopping we walked to the number 50 bus stop and caught a double decker bus back to school. For some of the children this was the first time they had been on a bus. The last group of children will be going shopping next Wednesday 21st so watch this space!

Making vegetable soup

We talked about the different vegetables that we had bought and then had a go at chopping them up for our soup. We put them into a big pan and added our vegetable stock. Then we put it on the hop to cook. Some of the soup was blended and some of the soup stayed lumpy. All the children had a taste.

Healthy eating activities

We have been learning about healthy eating and how we can keep ourselves healthy. This week we have been concentrating on fruit. We started off the week by reading Handa’s Surprise in our Language for thinking session. We had different fruits to look at in the investigation station, did some fruit printing, counted fruit, weighed fruit, sorted fruit and found cvc words written on fruit around the room.

Next week a group of 10 children will be going to Sainsbury’s to buy some fruit so we can make fruit kebabs. The next group of 10 children will be shopping for vegetables so we can make vegetable soup. The final group of 10 children will also shop for healthy food to make a healthy recipe with so watch this space!

Lets get physical…

This week we had the balance bikes outside as part of our healthy eating topic. We had to work hard at keeping our balance and used our legs to make the bike move forwards. We also had to think about being safe and cooperate with each other as we moved around the playground. We wore helmets to keep our heads safe in case we fell off and followed a bike path all going in the same direction.