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We have been learning about old and new toys. As part of our learning we set up a toy shop in the role play area.
During our maths lessons we have been looking at the coins that make up the U.K currency, in particular the 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p coins.

On muddy Monday we had to find coins that were hidden in the forest school and tell our friends what coins we had found. Then we had to find things in the environment like twigs, stones or leaves to match the value of the coin we had found.

We had lots of fun!

Toys continued…

As part of our learning about toys we have looked at some old toys this week. Mrs Horsley brought in some toy cars from the 1950’s and the 1970’s for us to look at. We also looked at pictures of toys that children played with years ago. Some of the toys are still the same but made out of different materials. Some of the activities we have been involved in this week have included pushing cars to see how far they travel, using cubes to weigh different toys, tiddly winks, a fishing game, drawing a picture and writing about the toy we’d drawn and making toys in the creation station. We also bathed the dolls.


This week we have been looking at toys. We discussed the toys we had at Christmas. We have been involved with different activities that reflected our topic like playing snakes and ladders. We also did an observational drawing of a teddy bear which is going to be displayed in the corridor for all to see. We are going to continue this topic next week and look at toys from the past too.