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First Week of School

Welcome Swans!

All the children had their picture taken on their first day of school.

Look what we’ve been doing!

The new reception children have settled well into the Swans Class and have been getting to know one another through games and activities. They have been busy learning class routines and where all the activities are.


At this time of year it is always sad to say goodbye to our current class as we have been a family and created lots of memories throughout the year. However, the children are ready to leave us and move on to their next class. We wish them all well!

The staff in Reception would like to wish all their families a happy and safe holiday and to thank them for their continued support this year. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!


We have been continuing on with our transport topic this week with a focus on land travel. Children brought in cardboard boxes to turn into cars. First they painted their car.

Then they added details such as wheels, headlights, break lights, indicators, steering wheels and number plates. Some children even added an exhaust pipe, door handles and an emblem.

Children have had the opportunity to drive their cars in the outdoor area. They have filled up with petrol.

Washed their car at the car wash.

Go rally driving.

Watch a drive in movie.

We even had traffic cops with a speed camera.

Here we are in our cars.


This week the Swans went up to the Puffins class to visit with Miss Coghlan and Mrs Sargeant. They came back excited to share what they had been doing for the day. They are looking forward to going into Year 1 in September.

While they were away the new Reception children came to visit the Swans classroom.