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Building Bonfires!

This week we made bonfires in small groups in the forest school during our Muddy Monday session. Children worked in a team of 5 to collect sticks to make their bonfire. Then they added some yellow, orange or red paper for flames. Next children sat around the fire and pretended to toast cotton ball marshmallows and keep warm. The children had a lot of fun.

Fireworks and Bonfire Night

Children shared their experiences of bonfire night and what they thought of fireworks. We brainstormed ideas of what noise fireworks make as they light up the sky and then we created an onomatopoeia poem using our firework noise words.

During the week there have been other activities related to Bonfire Night such as making rockets at the creation station where we took a 2D semi circle and turned it into a 3D cone shape to sit on top of cylinder, using chalk to draw firework pictures, using loose parts and shapes to create firework pictures and blow painting to create fireworks in the sky.

Video: Diwali

This week we have celebrated the Hindu Festival of light, Diwali. We started off with the story of Rama and Sita and looked at how Diwali is celebrated. Children made diva lamps out of salt dough and rangoli patterns using coloured rice.

Mr and Mrs Parkar visited our classroom to share with us how they celebrate Diwali. Children got to experience….

Some of the girls dressed up in saris and tried out some Indian dancing.

We also made a candle using a 2D rectangle that we turned into a 3D cylinder. Then we sang the song ‘This Little Light of Mine’.


This weeks birthdays! When a child has a birthday in the Swans class they get to take Birthday Bear home for the night. Birthday Bear has had a very busy week tis week. On Monday he went home with Karly. On Tuesday he went home with Leximai. On Wednesday he went home with Ryan and on Thursday he went home with Hani.

The Toys Party

This week we have planned a toy party for our toys. On the writing table we made invitations to invite our toys.
On the creations station we made party hats for ourselves and for our toys.

At the play dough table we made cakes.

At the investigation station we concocted our own cakes using a variety of ingredients.

With Miss Jones we made chocolate vegan cupcakes using avocados, brown sugar and coconut milk. They tasted delicious.

There were other cake and party related activities out during the week too.

Then on Friday we bought our teddies to school for a toys party. We shared some pombears with them, iced a biscuit and played games. Everyone had fun!