This week we started our topic on transport. We began by brainstorming what the children knew and they came up with lots of different forms of transport.

We are concentrating on air travel this week. Children have made aeroplanes, helicopters and hot air balloons at the creation station. We made paper planes and flew them outside to see how far they travelled.
Children made their own passports and travel tickets so they could board the large scale aeroplane that was made outside. The children have been very engaged in the activities.

Video: Wake & shake and circle games

Every day we join in a silly movement song to get our bodies moving and wake our brains up. We have lots we participate in but this one is one of our favourites.

We also like to play games that encourage us to work together and follow rules. One of the games we like to play is called ‘Duck, Duck, Goose’ we even like to get the adults to play and think it’s funny when they are chasing us. We made Ms Andrews run around the circle 5 times this week. She’s glad there’s no photographic evidence of that!

We are Proudosauruses!

In Reception we use the dinosaur characteristics of learning. This week there have been lots of children demonstrating the proudosaurus characteristic of learning. They showed;

. They are really pleased when they meet their own goals.
. They are proud of how they’ve accomplished something, not just the end result.
. They enjoy meeting challenges and not just as a way to get praise.