A week of firsts

This week saw the Swans participate in both Muddy Monday and P.E for the first time. Both required the children to use their independency skills and practice getting dressed or undressed for themselves.

Muddy Monday
Today the children got dressed up in their waterproofs and wellington boots to venture outside into the forest school area. There was a lot of excitement as the children got dressed up ready to go. They sat down on the logs and used their senses to take in the environment around them. We went on a walk looking for the signs of Autumn, noticing the changing leaves and the berries growing. The children enjoyed their time outside and were disappointed when we had to return to the classroom.

Another first on Tuesday saw the children participate in P.E with Mr Gill. It took them a little while to get changed into their P.E kits and was a real test of their independency skills. They had to make sure all there belongs were put into their P.E bags so as not to get mixed up with anyone elses. Thank goodness most items of clothing were named and children went home with all their correct uniform. They did a really good job and impressed Mr Gill.

Our topic this week in Reception has been about hygiene and germs. We read the story about the little Princess who wanted to know why she had to wash her hands. The children were involved in several activities and experiments to show how germs can spread if we are not careful. Ms Andrews put glitter on her hands and pretended it was germs on her hand. Then she shook hands with the children. Before long most of the children had glitter on their hands too. We discussed the importance of washing our hands especially if we sneeze or cough and learnt how to make an elephant trunk so the germs are in the crook of our arms rather than on our hands.

We also did the bread experiment. Ms Andrews washed her hands and put a piece of bread into a clear zip lock bag. Then all the children touched a piece of bread and that was put into a clear zip lock bag too. These were placed on the window so the children could observe the changes that occurred. Children predicted what they thought the changes would be and also what they thought germs looked like.

Some of the activities the children have been involved in this week is using water pistols in the watertray pretending the squirts were sneezes, making germs out of playdough, counting germs, retelling the story and putting in actions, cleaning germs off hands and using the light table to trace pictures of germs.

Making friends

During the week we have been using our name cards to help us recognise both our own and our friend’s names. We have been learning to work/play cooperatively with the other children in the class and make friends as we move around getting familiar with the different activities in the classroom.

The story of the ‘Ugly Duckling’

This week we looked at the story of the ‘Ugly Duckling’ and how he turned into a beautiful swan. We discussed how we are all different on the outside but all the same on the inside and how it is important to be kind and friendly to each other. We each made a swan for the class pond and have been getting to know each other through games and activities.

Welcome Swans!

The Reception children have settled well into the Swans class coming in independently, organising themselves for the day ahead and picking up the class routines fairly quickly. We have been very impressed with the way they sit on the carpet and lining up. We have been focussing on learning the class expectations and routines throughout the week.

Birmingham Airport trip

On Tuesday 11th July the Swans went to Birmingham Airport. The children travelled by coach to Birmingham International and they caught the monorail into Birmingham Airport. Once at the airport the children had exclusive access to the Flight School. The children were able to watch the aeroplanes land and take off and they drew some lovely observational drawings.

In the main terminal the children took part in an ‘I Spy’ session and they were extremely good at finding all the main features of an airport such as the check in desks, the arrival and departure boards, the suitcase conveyor belts, escalators, flight steps etc. They even saw some flight attendants and pilots. The outside viewing area enabled the children to experience the sights, sounds and smells of the aeroplanes.

The children had a lovely time at Birmingham airport. It was a great experience for the children and it brought to life all the learning they had done in the classroom.

Life cycle of a butterfly

Over the past few weeks the Swans have been looking after 5 caterpillars. The miracle of metamorphosis has been amazing to witness up close.

At first our caterpillars were very small.

Then they began to grow and grow.

After a while the caterpillars stopped eating and they hung themselves upside down from the lid of the pot. The children were fascinated when they began to spin a silky cocoon around themselves.

Once inside their protective casing, the caterpillars then radically transformed themselves and it was very exciting when they emerged as a Painted Lady butterflies.

After a few days in our special butterfly garden it was time to release our butterflies outside. At first the butterflies were reluctant to fly away but eventually they did. The children were very excited when they flew up into the sky. Now every time they see a butterfly they excitedly shout, “there’s one of our butterflies!”